Has it been seven weeks already? Wow, it’s incredible how quickly time flys out here. We have been working in a two-phases strategy for DART, the Student Information System (SIS) created by the Bering Strait School District (BSSD).

The first and short term phase is refactoring DART’s code so it can be used by other school districts with similar needs. This will allow us to expand DART community of users beyond BSSD. The second and long term phase is developing a new DART, as a highly extendable SIS, and creating an open source platform that will allow its expansion by adding extensions to it. This new development will require more time than our project extension, but we are working on setting the foundation for this process.

Right now we are now working on both phases, there is a lot to do and not much time. However, not everything is work here in Unalakleet. We have also enjoyed some outdoor time. We’ve gone fishing (well, Bolek fishes and I watch, but I’ve been there) and gone for a drive in a four wheeler. Last week Dorothy, who works at the BSSD, took us boating with her family. The view was amazing (and also the salmon we caught and ate later).