Joe has introduced me to Edwel before coming to Palau that he is such a nice and smart man.
And after spending sometime here, I learned that he is even more amazing than whom I imagined.

Edwel and the rest of MOE management team have been quite busy with many on-going events.  However, whenever I send him an email with questions, he comes down to take time to answer all my questions.  Today, I got to ask lots of questions, mostly related to the work. However, I also got to carefully ask some sensitive/political questions.  Depending on who you are talking to, how well you know him, and how you put it, what might seem sensitive question can trigger quite a useful information.

I’ve seen young people in their 20’s and 30’s working as cashier or etc but I haven’t seen many of them working in the office.  I’ve been pondering where they are. 20s and 30s are the great work forces the economy can take advantage of.  That’s what investment banking does. That’s what IT companies does.  However, Palau seemed to be missing that group of motivated labors.  I knew about the financial factor but I was wondering if there were other reasons.

I learned from Edwel and from Dave (Chief, Ancillary Services Division) at Ministry of Health/ hospital that Palauans mostly just remain in the state unless they can’t find a job there and they tend to come back in their 40’s or later.  For young people, the situation here is little bit hard for them to be involved although they come back some times.  The private sectors are told to be based on more meritocracy but for governmental jobs, young people just coming back from outside have to face already-established network and community in the workplace comprised of employees who are mostly over 40s.

I appreciate Edwel’s honesty from the beginning of our time here.  He’s been really open to share information with us and helped us to get a clear understanding of organizational needs as well as some of the political issues.  And his nickname apparently is Edie, along with two other Edie’s in the office which makes him the Edie #1 =)