Just a quick note to say Bariloche was awesome, and we leave for Santiago tomorrow.  This past week has flown by!  We’ve been saying goodbye to everyone.  The Alvarez had us over for dinner one last time, and this time we got some pictures.  Then yesterday the office had breakfast (a cake and a lemon-merengue pie!) and dinner after work.  I’ve been feeling spoiled.  And also a little panicked! I didn’t bring nearly enough presents from home to give everyone, so I’m making origami.  And I’m not packed.  Aaah!  I’m afraid all my seuveniers won’t fit in my luggage, or that I’ll forget to do something important. before we leave.

It’s so sad saying good-bye.  It’s cliche, but even though I really just wanted to go home earler, now that it’s time to go I want to stay.  *sigh*  I’m going to miss everyone here.

This may be my last post until I get home, but I’ll type up everything that happens.  I’m just not sure if I’ll have a good internet access point in Santiago.  So… bye ’till August 10th!